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Before Their Time

The Del Rendon Foundation is proud to announce the 2nd annual “Before Their Time” art competition to continue the art series the late Del Rendon created prior to his passing. The original “Dead Entertainers” series consisted of four 40” x 60” acrylic on cardboard paintings including figurative interpretations of Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and John Lennon. The Del Rendon Foundation seeks out artists desiring to continue the series with additional interpretations of other late entertainers.

Painted in the late 1990s, the four original pieces in the “Dead Entertainers” series have a storied past. Originally commissioned to hang in the State Theater, they were re-located to Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern and eventually, after Del’s passing, to a private residence. Prints of the 4 original paintings have been reproduced and are made available in support of the Foundation’s fund raising efforts. While not certain, the name “Dead Entertainers” originally came from Del as he a tongue and cheek reference to the art series.

In 2014, the Del Rendon Foundation kicked off its first “Dead Entertainers” art competition featuring figurative renditions of Shannon Hoon, Janis Joplin, Kirk Cobain, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Andy Griffith, and probably our personal favorite, Del Rendon. Jacob Beard’s Johnny Cash was selected as the winner and a print was made and now hangs in Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern, alongside the 4 other prints. With permission from the artist, the idea is to hang a printed copy of this year’s winner next to Johnny Cash.   

A competition reception is scheduled in Starkville for April 21st at 100GT Thames Suite C1 where all entries will be displayed and a winner announced. The competition is open to the public and First and Second place winners will take cash prizes of $1000 and $500 respectively. Download PDF document for rules and steps to entering. 

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